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Property Jam

Mar 30, 2020

The guys do their first ever live episode with special guest Sunny Mahal! We hear about the human side of property according to Sunny as well as launch the #5daysofpositivity hashtag challenge.

At the moment with Covid-19 on the rise, it is essential to stay positive, so we talk through tips and tricks to keep ours and...

Mar 26, 2020

Wow... What has happened to the world?! We've all gone home and now dealing with a 'new normal' while the CV-19 virus grips the world.

So what does that mean for us as investors, business owners... well, as human beings?!

In this unprecedented time we've released an unprecedented episode talking about all of the above...

Mar 23, 2020

As we find ourselves in unprecedented global times stress is ever present.

At the time of recording this episode the CV-19 crisis was still emerging so discussions were very much focussed on day to day stress in life, business and property investing.

Matt, Niall and Jo chew the fat on this topic; what their own stressors...

Mar 16, 2020

Fear. A very topical subject just now with all that's going on in the world with Covid-19 but it's also a big thing when it comes to property investing. Fear can show up in so many ways and have a toxic impact on your investing journey, business and personal growth.

Jo, Matt & Niall are no strangers to fear and in this...

Mar 9, 2020

On your doorstep or at a distance? The perilous question at the start of every property investment journey!

The normal human thoughts that crop up are 'Wouldn't it just be easier to stay local?'... 'Is further a afield worth the drive?'... 'Won't refurbs be tricky to manage?'...And the classic 'I'd like to be able to...