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Property Jam

Sep 27, 2021

Another classic guestless episode for you all this week! In this episode, the gang discuss the importance of downtime:
taking some time away from work, putting the phone down, and taking it easy. Jo also discusses the trade-off that
you have to make between work and leisure when you work for yourself, and Matt talks...

Sep 20, 2021

It's a two-for-one treat in this week's Property Jam as we welcome the founders of Nimbus Maps, Paul & Simon Davis! They talk about their journey to starting Nimbus, and the unique experience of getting (having?) to work with your brother. Paul & Simon also ask the guys about what got them through the lockdown. A real...

Sep 13, 2021

We are in for a Swedish treat this week #PropertyJammers, we have Gisela Wood in the house! Gisela Wood is a property investor from Sweden. In this episode, She explains the ins and outs of the Property market in Sweden. We are so shocked and floored by her stories! 

Sep 6, 2021

What’s more important – the data or your instincts? A spontaneous property buy from Jo leads to a discussion about whether following your heart or your brain leaves you better off when it comes to advancing your property journey. A great and insightful discussion this week into the different approaches to building...