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Property Jam

Feb 28, 2022

It's Monday so it means new fun and info-filled (or maybe rant-filled 😂 ) episode we have for you this week and it's all about deal packaging; we talk about our opinions and experiences about it. Expects lots of bants and property learnings with this one so we hope you'll enjoy it!

Feb 21, 2022

Happy Monday #PropertyJammers! We bring you today a new episode where we talk about the post-covid flurry in the property market; having a price increase and having a lot of inquiries to our property portfolios. Are you experiencing the post-covid flurry? what are your thoughts on it? Comment down below property jammers.

Feb 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day's Property Jammers! We bring you a new episode today to celebrate love day in true property jam spirit where we talk about if we are in love with property; are you curious about our answers? so make sure to listen!

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Feb 7, 2022

Lovely Monday #PropertyJammers!⁠
Our new episode is out now! We had a lovely and info-filled episode with this one plus we also have in the house, Violet Pugh of soresi!! Violet started her property journey for 8 years and counting as the digital marketing manager of soresi; before she entered the property world, she...