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Property Jam

Jul 27, 2020

Hands down one of our favourite podcast episodes yet! Property Jam was well and truly Dhanecha'd!
To say Dillon's energy is infectious is a true understatement. Hailing from the world of finance Dillon walked us through his humble beginnings as the son of immigrant parents to becoming an investor and self-titled mad money mentor! 
We jam on the wisdom imparted to him by his parents and their spiritual teachings around money. When Dillon was a boy his mother taught him about the Goddess of Wealth which he promptly rejected and took off travelling around the world in pursuit of its true meaning. Needless to say, he concluded that his mum had it right in the first place!
In this very deep philosophical (and hilarious) Dillon shares his belief that the human side of property is what we contribute as investors to people, the planet, flora and fauna.
An unforgettable and unmissable episode. Enjoy!