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Property Jam

Jun 29, 2020

What an honour to jam with Michelle Cairns from Your Property Network Magazine. 
In this episode we have a very grass roots chat about what makes human sense when it comes to property investing. You'll hear this theme threaded throughout our conversation as we talk about how we operate in today's property world and...

Jun 22, 2020

Ok, so we may have mentioned this person's name more than any other on the Property Jam podcast and at long last we managed to get the one and only Gill Fielding on to jam with us!!!!!!!

As many of you know, each of us co-hosties got into property because of this lady so it's a very special episode to each of us.


Jun 15, 2020

Q: What do you get if you mix a mortgage expert with jam?

A: An awesome podcast collab!!!

Yes people, it's happened. The long- awaited podcast collab of Property Jam and Game of Loans!!! Hurrah we hear you cry!

We've aptly named this episode 'Jam of Loans' (see what we did there?!) and we get into some serious - and not...

Jun 8, 2020

Ever wondered what the human side of property means to a letting agent?

This episode you get to find out! We jam with Zoe Conning; letting agency co-founder and huge Property Jam fan!

We jam on everything from dodgy tenants, ceilings crashing in, the law of attraction and Zoe outs herself as a superhero!

Intrigued? You...

Jun 1, 2020

We get up close and personal with the one and only Jack Wicks: property investor, podcast host and aspiring bar owner!

We find out what the human side of property means to Jack. Turns out this is quite a few things!

This is a lively episode of property laughs, learnings and life goals. One not to miss!