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Property Jam

Nov 9, 2020

Another week, another episode AND another lockdown!?

Oh, let’s face it, it was inevitable! But how will it be different to lockdown 1.0? Are we more prepared this time? Or is it just business as usual now?

We get into this. For us it does feel different. It feels like a lot of the fear has subsided and we know how to adjust and slip back into homebound(ish) living.

BUT we also talk about the opportunities and the positive stuff that this lockdown brings based on all the good stuff the last lockdown created. In business, property and personal development, lockdown 1.0 was a unique time for many to grow – so why should lockdown 2.0 be any different, right????

Totally relatable conversation for you all Property Jammers because as what we always say, we are in this together. Property Jam is here with you to give you endless human property content that you can relate to – like having a big property hug!!!