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Property Jam

Sep 14, 2020

Who talks about property on their first tinder date?

Alexandra Powell and her now husband, Richard, that's who! On date one, having met on Tinder, they talked about property investment, development and refurbs without knowing that they would eventual tie the knot and become business partners. WE LOVE THIS!!!

Today, Alexandra, of @powell_properties shares with us her story on how she ‘accidentally’ got into the property business while studying Architecture at University. From a simple discussion with her parents about the cost of renting, she managed to convince them to invest in a 2-bedroom apartment and then rented out the second bedroom. She then sold the house after graduating and this is where her property journey began.

Being married to an Engineer, Alexandra and Richard were both knowledgeable about design and construction but admittedly needed schooling up on the investment side. So, they got educated in property, started meeting people, taking on mentors, reading books and listening to podcasts - and yes, Property Jam included!

As another power couple in property business, Alexandra shares with us how they manage to handle the business as partners and a married couple as well as having a cute little one in the mix as well.