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Property Jam

Aug 31, 2020

We’re now on to our 50th episode!

And today, we jam with fellow property sister, the one and only Kelly Molson of Avalily Property.

Kelly is new to property but not in entrepreneurship. She co-founded a Digital Agency and has been working on it full-time while also managing a property business – life is busy!

She wanted to start property for the longest time but just never found the time to actually do it. COVID-19 has been a blessing in disguise as it finally pushed her off the cliff in March to kick start her property journey! As a newbie, she was astonished by the massive support from the property community on social media, especially Instagram (we agree!).

Kelly also shares the deeply personal story behind the name of their property business. This is a heartfelt share and we were overwhelmed with sympathy and respect – this will make sense when you listen in. Kelly and her partner are truly beacons of resilience, humility and strength.

Kelly also imparts her life and property philosophy: to give a sh*t about what you do. HELL YES!!!

Don’t miss this inspirational episode where Kelly shares to give her heart in property by giving a shit!