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Property Jam

Aug 17, 2020

When marketing expert and property investor, Jess Leader, shared her life philosophy of "Don't be a dick", we knew we were with one of our own! 
Jess applies the logic of 'don't be a dick' to life generally but particularly to her property investments where the human traits of respect, compassion and empathy play out massively.
Jess shares her story of learning on the job as a landlord but also when working with a joint venture partner and all the lessons she has learned around this.
Experience has taught Jess that in the world of property you make deals not find deals. There is no one perfect deal out there so you work with the opportunity each deal offers and manage the challenges!
Our episode roulette game forced Jess to admit that her guilty property pleasure is Instagram (think we can all relate...) and interestingly the topic of 'guilt' she experiences as an investor, employee, daughter, partner weaves through our human chat in this episode.
We loved this recording and know you will too! #dontbeadick