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Property Jam

May 6, 2024

TW: Cancer.  Susannah tells us about how she’s had cancer and cancer treatment over the last couple of years.  Thankfully she is recovered now but if this is something that you are dealing with at the moment or struggling with then we totally understand if you need to skip this episode.

In the last of our special guest episodes, we are joined by Susannah Cole, The Good Property Company all the way from sunny, stunning Barcelona (what is it with these guests swanning around foreign climes?!). As you would expect from any of guests, the topics covered are varied and wide reaching!  We discuss building up a property portfolio which allows you to take a break from working for a while, grand 5 year plans and health challenges.  As ever there are some saucy moments which include a sexually well informed hairdresser but we’ll leave you to discover these in your own time!  Despite the type of subjects covered, it’s a joyous and uplifting episode so enjoy.

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