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Property Jam

Mar 27, 2023

The guests just keep on coming here on Property Jam!  This week we are joined by hard working straight talking and thoroughly decent human Charlie Panayi from Red Squirrel Property Shop.  He tells us about being ambitious from a VERY young age and what drives him to keep going in property - a clue, he likes going on holiday!  He talks about how important it is for him to give back to his community and his social media bugbears.  He also tells us about his sister Zoe who sadly died from skin cancer when she was 26 and his gargantuan efforts to raise money for a charity in her memory.  Check out our Instagram page for more info on how to donate and keep track of his progress.  

A little note on this episode about Jo's sound - it's a little quiet (she's not in a tunnel we promise!) but stick with us as she has some cracking stuff to say!

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